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shopping cart software - online shopping cart - Best shopping cart

Shopping Cart Software. 100% FREE INSTALL. 4,000+ users. Know why s it a bestseller? 300+ unmatchable features. Online shopping Cart Software creates a full online shop for you. You can use our software to run online shop at ZERO recurring cost. You can buy our PHP shopping cart software and use it forever to run your online shop. Our online cart creates a fully search engine optimized web shop. Our cart comes with 300+ amazing features that will make your website a great success. It has an amazing design built into it. You can alter many design images & color scheme directly from admin panel without any html knowledge. Plus our online shopping cart is front end language translatable. This makes it # 1 software for your online shop.

Here we look at some of the hottest features in the shopping cart software:

  • 300+ Amazing features.
  • It is fully search engine optimized with keyword rich URLs and meta data to give you free search engine traffic. This is key to success of your online shop.
  • Our software supports unlimited products, unlimited orders, unlimited product categories & subcategories which can be unlimited level deep.
  • Online shopping cart comes with brilliant design built into it (with option to manage images/colors directly from admin panel)
  • You can have any attributes like size, color etc with products. Each category can have different attributes. Say you have three colors available, user can pick which one to use at time of purchase.
  • You can have photos, videos, reviews, similar products with every product.
  • Offer users great bargains, discounts, bulk discounts, coupons, gift certificates, wish lists and lots more to increase sales.
  • Inbuilt tools like FAQ, glossary, polls, newsletters, printer friendly layouts, pf brochure, product manuals and lot more enhances user experience on your web shop.
  • Supports both digital downloadable goods and physically shipped goods.
  • Cross sell products, recommended products, related purchases, order tracking, subscribe for updates,item back in stock updates etc enhance user experience.
  • Shipping management module with local/international country/state specific shipping rates.
  • Many options when choosing shipping like same day shipping, overnight shipping, International Shipping, free shipping, common shipping companies etc.
  • Cart software has order tracking system for customers
  • Search and sort products on various criteria like price, most popular, product name, latest, oldest , most discounted etc.
  • Full tax management module with different local/ state specific / country specific tax rates.
  • Google sitemap generator with all products, category and static pages.
  • RSS feed for latest products and category specific RSS feeds. This gives free promotion through feed readers.
  • Built in affiliate system.
  • As admin you can see what people are searching for at your store. This will help you know customer trends etc.
  • Built in anti-spam captchas to avoid spam and enhanced security.
  • Fully secure with MD5 encryption of all passwords.
  • One click database backup utility to keep your site safe and secure..
  • Supports many online payment options like paypal,,stormpay,e-gold,2checkout and offline payment option.
  • All front end text comes from a lang file. This makes it possible to run your online shop front end in any language. Data that comes from db comes in language in which it is entered. So, run software in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic etc.
  • 100% FREE Technical Support , available for you all the time.
  • We back our software with free installation service and very friendly support free of cost.

Our PHP shopping cart software with right to use it for ever costs only : $149

PHP Shopping cart software : Full feature list

Front end features:

  • Brilliant design
  • Admin configurable colors & images
  • Search engine optimized
  • It means free promotion & visitors
  • Keyword rich product page URLs
  • Keyword rich meta data
  • It attracts free search engine traffic
  • Hierarchical unlimited categories
  • Unlimited level/subcategories
  • Folder structure of category pages
  • Great view for search engines
  • Latest product feed RSS feed
  • Category specific product feeds
  • FREE promotion via feed readers.
  • Category specific product attributes
  • Photo gallery with each product
  • Youtube Video gallery with products
  • Product reviews
  • Related products
  • Great bargains
  • Discounts & bulk discounts
  • Discount coupons
  • Gift certificates
  • Product wish lists
  • Back in stock updates to customers
  • Supports downloadable goods
  • Supports physical goods
  • Includes built-in FAQ
  • PHP Shopping cart software has glossary also
  • Polls system
  • Newsletter system
  • Printer friendly layouts
  • Pdf brochures
  • Product manuals
  • Cross selling of products
  • Shows bought together products
  • Full order tracking system
  • Product updates
  • Great user experience
  • Various shipping options
  • Local/international shipping rates
  • Country/state specific shipping rates
  • Same day shipping
  • Overnight shipping
  • International Shipping
  • Free shipping
  • Common shipping companies
  • Order tracking system
  • Search and sort products
  • Full tax management module
  • Google sitemap generator
  • Affiliate system
  • Anti-spam captchas
  • Fully secure with MD5 encryption
  • One click database backup utility
  • Many online payment options
  • E.g. paypal,,stormpay
  • Also support e-gold,2checkout
  • Also supports offline payments
  • Multi-lingual front end interface
  • Complete banner management system
  • Support for text ads/ google adsense
  • Unlimited ad slots
  • Keep unlimited ads in rotation

Admin panel features of Shopping Cart Software

  • Create your category structure
  • Unlimited categories
  • Unlimited level subcategories
  • Supports unlimited products
  • Set SEO texts for website
  • Create keyword rich product URLs
  • Hierarchical folder style category URL
  • Category specific additional attributes
  • E.g. for garments you can have color, size etc.
  • Or computers can have processor, speed etc.
  • PHP Shopping cart software has live stats
  • Customer search stats
  • Set site currency
  • Set product image dimensions
  • Dynamic thumbnailing for fast loading
  • Image watermarking
  • Email verification
  • Switch on/off captchas
  • Enable disable polls/affiliate system etc.
  • On/off FAQ & glossary
  • 100+ configurable parameters
  • Set footer copyright text
  • Set category order
  • Set additional field order
  • Set active color scheme
  • Set shipping cost parameters
  • Set tax parameters
  • Different tax/shipping for different areas
  • Create location groups for shipping/tax rates
  • Manage states
  • Set order of display of sections in side panels
  • Set affiliate commission rates
  • Set welcome tests, terms, policies etc.
  • Manage all outgoing emails
  • Generate google sitemap
  • Backup database
  • CSV multiple item uploading
  • Manage products
  • Add/edit/remove/hide products
  • Upload product pdf brochures
  • Upload manuals
  • Mark products as featured / out of stock
  • Check product orders
  • Manage orders
  • Mark them paid/processed
  • Manage additional fields
  • Manage product reviews
  • Full control over review contents
  • Manage members
  • Edit/ suspend / delete members
  • Manage member transactions
  • Check most searched terms
  • Manage transactions
  • Make a transaction
  • Manage brands
  • Manage site ads and ad slots
  • Publish google ads
  • Manage volume discounts
  • Manage coupons
  • Set up polls
  • View poll results
  • Newsletters
  • Save unlimited newsletter templates
  • Manage feedbacks
  • Manage subscribers
  • Email a member
  • Email all members
  • Manage FAQ section
  • Add / edit / remove FAQ entries
  • Add/edit/remove Glossary
  • Create unlimited website themes
  • Manage languages of PHP shopping cart software
  • Define unlimited languages
  • Set any language as default language

Just : $149

Get your copy today! Get Free installation service.



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