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SUPER B2B Trading Marketplace Script

PHP CLASSIFIEDS - classifieds script, classified script

SUPER B2B Trading Marketplace Script (SEO + Designer) is a COMPLETE SOLUTION to launch your big B2B Trading portal. It includes Product Catalog, Sell Offers, Buy Offers, Company profiles, Trade Shows, Business Directory, Discussion forum and lots more. It supports Google Maps, Youtube videos and social bookmarking also. With the best features it is just an unmatchable software. Super B2B Trading Portal script has just about everything you would need for your winner b2b portal site. Get this winner script and give your online business the success it deserves.

Launching and managing a global B2B portal was never this easy...

  • Products, Sell Offers, Buy Offers, Company profiles, Trade Shows, Business Directory, Discussion forum
  • Google Maps & Youtube video support. Also inbuilt social bookmarking system
  • Built in user friendly & good looking design.
  • 3 beautiful themes are pre integrated into the script.
  • 100% FREE INSTALLATION. Do not pay for installation. We will install it free of cost.
  • Easy to operate admin panel for smooth web site operation.
  • Full control over all content posted on b2b portal.
  • Inbuilt SPAM messages protection.
  • Unlimited language files can be enabled for the script front end.
  • 8 FREE machine translated language files included. (Cool base for translation of script)
  • Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Greek, Portuguese and Dutch machine translated files included.
  • FREE Technical Support , just in case you feel stuck with something.

... it has every thing you need for you Super B2B Portal. So, let us start Today!

B2B Trading Marketplace Script Marketplace Script
Just : $149
Just : $149


Amazing features of Super B2B Marketplace Script that make it UNBEATABLE...

  • Online Product Catalog
    Option for traders to maintain their online product catalog. It is fully search engine optimized. So, interested parties can easily find the products and contact the vendors. This creates a life time revenue creation tool for your website members.
  • Sell Offers
    Here your traders can post items or special offers. Many traders use it for clearing stocks or to list any items that they want to sell. Gold level members get enhanced exposure for their listing.
  • Buy Offers
    Here buyers can post their "wanted ads". E.g. if a buyer is looking for a particular machine part then they can post an ad showing their interest. Then traders can contact the member and send him their offers. This way its a wonderful tool for buyers to get best prices.
  • Company profiles
    Here traders can maintain their online company profiles. They can indicate their are of expert focus, the main markets they operate in, year of establishment and the detailed company profile using built in WYSIWYG Editor. Visitors viewing the profile can also send their inquiries directly to the company.
  • Trade Shows
    Our B2B Marketplace script has a dedicated section for trade shows. Members can post their trade shows. While listing trade shows, they can specify the days on which trade show will be held, the timing and the location of the event. They can also give more detailed info about trade show thru a built in WYSIWYG editor. Traders or interested parties can also search for trade shows of their interest by using Keyword search, date search or by searching for trade shows. of a particular industry.
  • Online Business Directory
    Online business directory is a very vital part of our marketplace script. Here various business houses can list their business. Then interested parties can search the database. Members can provide the business contact info and the general description of the business. It is an ultimate reference point for the buyers.
  • Full Member Discussion Forum
    Super B2B Trading Marketplace script includes an in-built discussion forum as well. Discussion forum gives users opportunity to communicate with each other. This typically helps them in solving their problems and building contacts. This makes your website even more valuable to your end users.
  • Support for Youtube Videos and Google Maps
    Super B2B Trading Marketplace script supports google maps as well as Youtube videos. Google maps feature gives option to provide clear information about company location etc. It further helps in winning the customers trust. Plus it supports youtube videos. So, users can also upload video introductions to their products without putting any bandwidth load on your servers. It makes your b2b portal a winner over its competition.
  • Image gallery with each catalog product & Sell Offer
    Members can post multiple images with each product that is posted in the catalog. Similarly they can post multiple images with their sell offers. This helps end buyers in understanding the product in question better.
  • Three Membership Levels {Gold, Silver, Bronze}
    Our trading script supports three membership levels. Namely Gold, Silver and Bronze. You can set the privileges of all these membership levels directly from the admin panel. E.g. how many sell offers or buy offers a Bronze level member can post and so on. You can change membership level and duration of any member anytime from admin panel. This gives you opportunity to negotiate special deals with the traders.
  • Script Motivates members to become GOLD Members
    Our B2B trading marketplace script automatically gives enhanced exposure to the GOLD Member listings. E.g. the sell offers and product catalog items of the Gold members rotate on the home page of the site. Ability to post more listings coupled with the enhanced exposure to the listings serves as a great motivation for member to upgrade to GOLD membership. This gives a push to your revenues.
  • Complete internal messaging
    This is a real specialty of our B2B Script. Script comes with a complete internal messaging system built into it. So, members can contact any member thru internal messaging system without exposing their email ids to spammers. Our internal messaging system is really powerful. When a message is posted for a member an email alert is generated for the member. This ensures that members do not miss any important communication. Members can also reply to messages quickly using the online message reply feature. System also indicates the read/unread status of every message. This ensures that no message is missed by error.
  • Inbox , Outbox , Contact List & Block list etc
    Internal messaging system on the script has section for all incoming messages as well as all outgoing messages. So, all communication is stored just in case user needs to refer to it later. He can also maintain his contact list. This can be a list of users whom the member frequently communicates with or does business with. He can also maintain a block list of members from whom he does not want to receive any communication. This helps filter out the spamming members.
  • Inquiry Basket {..a great tool for buyers}
    Say a buyer is looking for a certain kind of product. He finds a few sellers who he feels can provide him that product. Then while browsing the site, he can add any number of sellers in the INQUIRY BASKET. After this he can send his query or requirements in one go to all these members. So, he does not need to contact each seller one by one. This is an amazing tool as it saves the buyer's time and helps him/her in searching for a perfect vendor for his requirements.
  • Multi level categories with SEO features
    Our B2B Marketplace Script supports multilevel category hierarchy. It means you can create unlimited number of categories / subcategories etc which can run any number of levels deep. This helps in organization of the listing in a very well structured manner. Plus you get AMAZING SEO BENEFITS. Script supports url rewriting of all category pages. So, you can provide separate SEO URL, Browser TITLE, meta keywords and meta description for each and every category. This gives amazing search engine visibility to your website.
  • Amazing Search Engine Visibility Features
    Script has amazing search engine visibility features for any type of listing posted on the site like product catalog, sell offers, buy offers, company profiles, trade shows, online directory, discussion forum etc. Every listing that is posted can have a unique URL (using .htaccess for URL rewriting) ,Browser TITLE, meta keywords, meta description etc. This way every listing is accessible to search engines. This can generate a lots and lots of free traffic for you for years and years. This amazing ability separates our script from the rest.
  • Email verification & CAPTCHA Spam protection
    B2B Script has automatic email verification system. It verifies the validity of the email id provided by the member before signing up the new member. This ensures that there are no registrations with fake email ids. Plus the script provides powerful CAPTCHA protection on various forms that are accessed without login. Captcha is not placed on the search form as it hampers the users experience. So, the script strikes a perfect balance between SPAM PROTECTION and the ease of end users.
  • ENHANCED SECURITY with MD5 one way encryption
    In our script all the passwords including admin area password and member area passwords are stored using MD5 one way encryption system. So, they cannot be read from the database. This enhances the security of the scripts and increases the confidence of your traders and members.
  • In-built Banner and Text ad publishing system
    Script has inbuilt system to post banner and text ads (like google ads) that automatically appear on script front in a rotating manner.
  • Front end language translatability & Multi-Lang Support
    Now this script is fully front end language customizable. It means that you can run the script front end in any language like English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic and so on. You can translate all text strings used in the script front end in one language file (e.g. english.php). Then all strings used in the script front end will come in your native language. You can also change Character Encodings (default utf-8), Text Directions (ltr or rtl), PHP Locale settings etc in the language file.The data that comes from MySQL database comes in the language in which it is entered. So, just use your native language in MySQL db and translate the language file. This way you can run the script in your native language.
  • Email Templates (for ALL outgoing Emails)
    You can control the contents of all mails they go out of the script. You can manage all email templates directly from the script admin panel "Email Configuration" section. In this section you control "from address", Subject, Formatting (html/plain text), Shortcuts used in email and the content of the outgoing email. There are around 15 such emails that go out at various stages in the script.
  • Clean up routines and Bad word Filter
    Clean up routines are very very important from the long term perspective. Script has got clean up routines like remove all unused images , Remove all offers that have expired 3 months ago and were not relisted, remove expired favorites from all member accounts, remove unused icons from the server and so on. This help in keeping the site clean, save disk space and enhance performance. These factors matter a lot in the long run. Script also has a bad word filter. You can define list of bad words OR banned words in the script admin panel. After this if any listing is posted that contains these words then it will automatically be made pending until admin approves it.
  • FULL Control over the website content
    You as admin can change any listing or profile, if need be. You can also change the terms of use, welcome message etc as per your preference. If you want you can also set that any member who signs up needs admin approval before he can use his account. Or you can set all listings to be approved by admin before it goes live. All these parameters are highly customizable from the script admin panel.
  • Highly configurable script admin panel
    You can configure various script parameters like general parameters, layout parameters, captcha settings, group privileges, SEO texts, categories, listings. industries, themes, languages etc from the admin panel. Script admin panel is really powerful and has HUNDREDS of options (if not thousand+). So, please do check the free online admin panel demo to see for yourself the amazing features.
  • Admin panel Overview
    As mentioned earlier our script admin panel has hundreds of options. To give you an overview of these we present a few here. Rest you can check in admin panel demo:
    • Extensive usage stats
    • Recent stats (today,yesterday and in last 7 days)
    • Similar stats for listings and signups
    • Categories management console
    • Set Category Order
    • Shift listings from one category to another.
    • General site parameters.
    • Layout parameters
    • Theme Management
    • Language management
    • Create Multiple Icon sets
    • Email templates
    • Cleanup Routines
    • Set Privileges for Gold, Silver & bronze members
    • Member management console
    • Manage currencies
    • Define Bad word filter
    • Catalog management console
    • Sell Offer Management Console
    • Buy offer management
    • Trade Show Management
    • Business Directory Management
    • Visitor feedbacks
    • Banner/text ad/ google ad management
B2B Trading Script B2B Script
Just : $149
Just : $149
NOTE: All scripts sold at come with single domain license. You will be required to provide the domain for which you want the script to be licensed. Script can not be used on any other domain except the one you provide during the purchase process.



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