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Softbiz Business Directory Script - PHP directory website script

Business Directory Script

Softbiz Business directory script is a complete directory website script to launch your business listing directory website. Online business directory script is a very powerful php script with amazing features and very easy to use interface for users. Outstanding one in all solution with features like animated premium business gallery, video gallery, google maps integration, world leading SEO features etc. ensure that your business directory website is the best and highly successful. Business listing script comes with our php script comes with 100% FREE installation. You just cannot find any other business listing directory like our #1 directory script. Online business directory script has 275+ built in features that make it the best directory website script. Here is a glimpse of some astonishing features of directory script:

  • It comes with a very cool and easy on the eye & uncomplicated design
  • 275+ winner features with many many ways to use this php script for earning great profits.
  • Business listing script has video gallery of featured business listings
  • This php script allows users to easily attach youtube videos and google maps with listings
  • Directory website script has outstanding seo features that help you get a lot of natural free search engine traffic.
  • Our script allows you to have unique meta tags, keywords and description for all listings.
  • Business companies can also create and demonstrate online portfolio.
  • Business companies can also post video demos and image gallery of their products/ services etc.
  • Business company can also give details of their team members etc. It helps build trust
  • Visitors can also contact company using online contact form.
  • Users can add listings to favorites in our php directory script.
  • Zip code based distance search. So, visitors can provide zip code and look for businesses within say 50 miles.
  • Social book marking options for viral promotion of listings
  • Multiple RSS feeds like latest listing, category wise RSS feeds etc.
  • Users can rate company profiles. It helps companies build reputation.
  • Animated featured gallery of businesses
  • Online business directory script offers 10+ earning opportunities like listing fees, featured business fees, video posting, gallery etc.
  • Script comes with in-built ad publishing system. It opens additional earning revenue as well.
  • Other great features like anti-spam captcha, one-way password encryption, email validation system, one click backup makes our online business directory script a very solid website script.
  • Our business script is pre integrated with paypal,,e-gold,2checkout and offline payment option.
  • All front end texts comes from a lang file. This makes it possible to run front end in any language. Data that comes from db comes in language in which it is entered. So, run software in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic etc.
  • 100% FREE Technical Support with our online business directory script

You just cannot get any other php script to create directory of businesses. It is most popular directory website script.

Amazing features and cool looks make this business directory script the best directory website script. Get this php script for ONLY : $149


  • Business posting fee for listing business in online business directory.
  • Business listing script supports category specific different fees as well .
  • Members can pay to make their business listings "front page features" by paying a fee to admin of business directory web site
  • In directory website script users can pay to make their listing bold.
  • Users can also make their business listing gallery featured by paying a small fee
  • Businesses can pay you to make their listing featured and highlighted in search results etc.
  • You can also sell multiple listing posting packages like 5 listing for $X and so on.
  • You can also charge users to post images. You can give say 3 images free and then charge for more images
  • Same way you can charge for video postings in online business directory
  • You can post google ads in directory website script.
  • You can also post multiple banner and text ads on site. These ads rotate in multiple slots automatically.

Feature list of online business directory script

Softbiz directory Website Script : Most loved front end member features

  • Uncomplicated looks with easy to use interface and very clear sections makes this directory website script special.
  • Home page sections like video gallery, animated gallery, quick search, latest listings make this online directory script very attractive to new users.
  • Multi level category browsing of companies and advanced search to find companies or precise criteria. Script supports unlimited categories and subcategories that can go any levels deep.
  • Search engine optimized listing pages with keyword rich unique page URLs, meta-keywords, meta-description, page <title> tag contents etc. It can derive a lot of free traffic through directory website script.
  • Many social and viral marketing tools like RSS feeds of latest items, category wise automatically generated feeds, social sharing add on to share specific pages on facebook, twitter, Stumble-upon, google and hundreds of other sites.
  • Quick signup, login and forgot password system is inbuilt into online business directory script.
  • Language choice to see web site front end in any language of your choice. Site admin can add new language interfaced in admin panel.
  • Outstanding security features like one way password encryption, captcha spam protection, one click database backup etc. All this make it a very safe directory website script.
  • Complete business profile with details (entered via WYSIWYG area), photo gallery, video demos, company rating system, company team members information, google location map and lots more.
  • A lot of member options like business listing posting, multiple listing posting discount using multi-listing packs , listing manager, member communication system with contact list, block list, inbox etc.
  • My account system with options to add balance using paypal, 2checkout, and lots more. It enhances reach of business script.
  • More features like real time stats, full member messaging system. rating system, maintain favorite company listings and lots more make it the best directory script.

Online Business directory script : Admin are features (back end)

  • Create hierarchical category structure with unique keyword rich URLs, meta-keywords, meta-description and other search engine optimization features make online business directory script special.
  • You can define category specific additional fields as well. So, you can gather different information from companies in different categories.
  • Real time stats, latest usage statistics, quick search, db backup options, email configuration and color scheme configuration options on admin home page.
  • Manage multiple languages, icon sets, sharing codes and many other things in php business directory script.
  • Manage web site parameters, free images allowed settings, free video settings , maximum allowed image size, google map parameters and many other general web site parameters.
  • Manage various web site layout parameters, web site logo, portfolio image thumbnail size, set active icon set and active color scheme. This gives great flexibility to our php directory script.
  • Configure man approval parameters and search engine optimization parameters. This way you can set listing or member approval type to automatic or manual. This gives you great control over script content and members.
  • Set billing parameters , various fees and billing accounts like paypal account, authorize account etc. You can also provide info for offline payment option as well.
  • Manage all locations. You can set which countries to enable, the time zone to use and lots more. This way you can create local or global business directory.
  • Full business directory users management area. You can edit all members, business company profiles , enable or disable any business listing etc. directory website script gives amazing support and full control.
  • Check and control all financial transactions and business directory members carry out. You can add/edit or remove any transaction anytime.
  • Full ad manager by which you can create ad slots, post unlimited banner ads or text ads or affiliate ads like google ads etc.
  • All these hundreds of configurable parameters make this php business directory script very flexible and smart php script.

Just : $149


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