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Article directory software - article directory script (SEO articles script)

Article Directory Software - Article Directory Script

Article Directory Software (articles script) is a Fully Feature Packed PHP script that makes article publishing very very easy. Our php article directory helps you easily launch your Search engine Friendly (SEO) article site. It enhances SEARCH ENGINE VISIBILITY of your web site enormously. Our Script has potential of generating very heavy revenues for you. Article directory script is built with a focus on increased ease of users and profits of webmasters.

NOTE: Our articles script offers you UNBELIEVABLE customizability with ability to change Colors, Fonts, Icons, Graphics of your site DIRECTLY from your Admin Panel.

LANGUAGE TRANSLATABLE ( NEW ! ) Now this script is fully front end language customizable. It means that you can run the script front end in any language like English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic and so on. You can translate all text strings used in the script front end in one language file (e.g. english.php). Then all strings used in the script front end will come in your native language. You can also change Character Encodings (default utf-8), Text Directions (ltr or rtl), PHP Locale settings etc in the language file.The data that comes from MySQL database comes in the language in which it is entered. So, just use your native language in MySQL db and translate the language file. This way you can run the script in your native language.

Article directory script (php article directory) is perfect to launch your own top quality article site (Article Publishing site). It is a special script and stands above all similar articles script due to the following AMAZING FEATURES:

  • Elegant, professional looks
  • Support of multi-level unlimited categories and sub categories
  • Great presentation of articles and Convenient browsing.
  • Advanced search interface. It helps visitors in finding relevant information easily.
  • Options to Post articles, Rate articles, comment on articles and print articles
  • Add article to favorites, email article to friends
  • Separate DISCUSSION BOARD with each article. It helps hook visitors to site and share comments
  • Its very easy for webmasters to control the site content
  • Add article to favorites, email article to friends and lots more
  • SEO optimized to provide you better visibility in search engines (using separate meta tags for each article and category)
  • Great ability to have separate title, description, keywords etc. for each article & category
  • URL rewriting (using apache mod_rewrite module) for all the article detail pages and category pages for better Search Engine Visibility
  • FULLY customizable site colors and graphics
  • Script parameters are highly configurable through feature packed script admin panel
  • And of course it offers great earning potential
  • And lot more...You can see Full feature list here.

    And all this packed into one script for a cost of
    JUST : $79

Key Applications of our article directory software:

  • Run dedicated article site (or article publishing site) to tap the great earning opportunity.
  • Drive traffic for your site through this popular concept of Article Directory.
  • Use as advertising platform for your products / other sites.
  • Run as free service to drive more traffic for your site
  • Online platform for enthusiasts looking for information
  • Use it as a tool to make your web site search engine friendly
  • Tool to hook visitors to your site, by providing more and more content
  • Enhance experience of your visitors
  • Make your web site more user friendly PLUS search engine friendly


Key Earning opportunities in the articles script:

  • Publish Ads e.g. Google adwords to turn traffic into Dollars
  • Use this php article directory script as a SEO & traffic generation tool and use this traffic to earn more
  • Use it as advertising platform for your products and INCREASE SALES
  • Publish information/articles related to your field or business and get visitors that high probability of buying your products.



Just : $79



Front End Features :

  • Display of Editors's pick on the home page.
  • You as admin can control
    1. how many articles?
    2. and which articles?
    appear under the editor's pick.
  • Article of the day feature.
  • Latest articles section on home page
  • Top rated articles
  • Most popular articles
  • Completely configurable site colors, icons and graphics
  • Support of multi-level unlimited categories and sub categories
  • Great presentation of articles and Convenient browsing.
  • Browse Articles by category
  • Categories are shown along with the number of articles posted
  • Browse articles by authors
  • Member account management
  • Change password
  • Forgot password retrieval system
  • Show/hide contact info from articles
  • Subscribe / Unsubscribe
  • Members can add comments to an article
  • Favorite articles section where you can save the articles you like
  • Admin can switch on or off the discussion board containing member comments.
  • WYSIWYG editor for article posting
  • Advanced search based on multiple criteria
  • Article search based on keywords, author or category etc
  • Sort articles by newest, oldest or rating or by author or article title etc
  • Rate article
  • Post comment on articles
  • Print articles in printer friendly view
  • Refer article to a friend
  • Random article section.
  • Article of the day (Automated)
  • Post feedback for admin through contact us system
  • Extensive search and display options
  • Inbuilt Ad Rotation System
  • Banner/Affiliate ad slots
  • It full support for banner ads, text ads and affiliate ads.
  • Google adsense ads are also supported

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Features:

  • Great search engine visibility of ARTICLE PAGES and category pages
  • URL rewriting (using apache mod_rewrite module) for all the Article Details pages along with separate meta tags
  • URL rewriting of all auction Category Pages in a multi level hierarchical manner for better Search Engine Visibility
  • SEO optimized to provide you better visibility in search engines (using separate meta tags for each article and category)
  • Separate TITLE, meta description and meta keywords etc. for each article and category

Article directory software : Admin Area Features:

  • Extensive usage stats (For categories, total articles, administrators, suspended members etc)
  • Support for multiple site Administrators with different access rights
  • Sub-Administrators can only view sections for which they have access
  • Main Administrator can suspend/activate any sub-admin
  • Option to edit site Administrator's profile
  • Change admin area password
  • Full control over site color scheme (directly from admin panel)
  • Create / Edit / Save MULTIPLE color schemes
  • Fully customizable graphic elements (directly from admin panel)
  • Create / Edit / Save unlimited icon sets
  • Category Structure Management console
  • Create new categories, along with SEO URL text, meta keywords, description, Title etc.
  • Create UNLIMITED level of sub categories along with separate SEO URL text, meta keywords, description, Title etc.
  • Edit existing article categories and article subcategories
  • Proper checks to avoid deletion of NON EMPTY categories
  • Remove categories
  • Shift all articles from one category to another in one go
  • Set Display order for Categories for front end
  • Highly configurable site parameters
  • Set minimum allowed username length
  • Set minimum allowed password length
  • Enable/Disable DISCUSSION BOARD for articles
  • Set script home page Meta Keywords, Meta Description etc
  • Set other seo text like, category folder name, file extension etc
  • Upload script logo directly from admin panel
  • Highly configurable layout parameters
  • Set number of articles to display per page in article search result / article browsing
  • Set number of latest articles to show on home page
  • Set the site color scheme to use on the front end
  • Choose the icon set to use on the front end
  • Set the time format to use in article script front end
  • Fix maximum length of comments that users post
  • Highly configurable approval parameters
  • Enable/ disable email verification for members
  • Set approval type for new members to auto or admin approved
  • Set comment approval to auto or admin
  • Enable / Disable SEO (Seo URLS etc)
  • Configure contents of all outgoing emails
  • System sends various emails like welcome email, password retrieval email and so on
  • You can switch ON/OFF emails as per your requirements
  • Cleanup routines for removal of unused files
  • Remove all unused uploaded icons / web site logos
  • Remove all unused uploaded styles images
  • Configure article script front end texts like Terms of use, Privacy polity, Legal policy etc.
  • Feature packed Article management console
  • Post new article along with SEO URL text, meta keywords, description, Title etc.
  • Edit any existing article
  • Remove or disable any article
  • Accept/ decline submitted articles
  • Add ratings for the article
  • Approve/disapprove existing or new articles
  • Monitor (view/edit/remove/disable) comments posted by members
  • Member management console
  • Edit member profile
  • Suspend members
  • Delete member account permanently
  • Search members database
  • Search based on username, member id, member account status etc
  • Authors management console
  • Add/remove/edit authors
  • Search subscribers
  • Email Members individually or collectively
  • Email Subscribers individually or collectively
  • Visitor feedback section
  • View, reply to and delete feedbacks provided by visitors
  • Sponsored ad management
  • Support for multiple ad slots
  • Support for banner ads, text ads and affiliate ads for each slot
  • Support for running google Ad Words
  • Admin can Add/Edit/Delete/Approve/Disapprove any ad in the article directory software admin panel

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