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Online Auction software (SEO Auction Software)

Online Auction software (PHP Auction software)

A+ Online Auction software. 100% free installation service. 225+ features. Online Auction Software is an amazing auction platform. It offers powerful set of features which almost impossible to get in any other script. It is the real complete solution for your online auction website. Lets take a look at its KEY features:

  • Real complete solution. Supports auctions, dutch auctions, classifieds and fixed price items.
  • Search Engine Optimized . Tap in to heaps of free web site traffic.
  • Each auction listing & category has separate meta keywords, meta description & <TITLE> tag contents. Search engines will love your web site.
  • Zip code distance search & Google Maps support. Makes your site prefect for local & global use.
  • Run as Global or Local auction site. You set the countries and local regions etc. as needed.
  • You can define your own 'category specific' additional fields in admin panel. E.g. for running cell phones category you can have fields like brand, display size etc. And for bikes category you can have mileage, year of manufacturing etc. It makes your site very smart. Your users will love and prefer your site.
  • Video auctions through Youtube video support. It attracts more sellers due to extended exposure to their products. Plus no bandwidth cost to you.
  • Item image gallery and Video gallery with each auction listing. It's wonderful selling point for your site.
  • With multiple revenue streams (see below) earn great even while offering free web site . That's "win-win" situation for you and your visitors.
  • Includes powerful ad manager also. It supports google ads, any text ads or affiliate ads or banner ads.
  • Directly manipulate site colors & icons from script admin panel.
  • Full control over website content. Also includes an automatic bad word filter.
  • RSS feeds and social book marking. Tell a friend and Printing options. All these get you Free Promotion that can be vital in your success.
  • Build in messaging system . Your members can easily communicate with each other. And they can track & control it using in-box, outbox, contact list, block list etc. This goes a long way in retaining your members by offering them great convenience.
  • Top security features including spam protection thru captchas and one way encryption of ALL passwords used in the system.
  • Get peace of mind with wonderful database backup utility. Backup your script database in single click.
  • Your members can pay you thru multiple options like Paypal,, e-gold, 2checkout and offline payments.
  • Fully Front end language translatable. So, you translate all text strings that come from one file into language of your choice. And that is it. The data that comes from db comes in language in which it is entered. So, run the script in any language of your choice like English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Arabic etc.
  • FREE Technical Support , just in case you feel stuck with something.
  • We back our script by providing very reasonably priced customization services as well.

Its without doubt the best auction script for your online auction web site.

All this plus lots of other amazing features packed into one script at a cost of ONLY : $99

Major Earning opportunities created by this script:

  • Members pay you fees to list items.
  • Premium options like home page featured and video featured etc generate extra income. Plus they are great for users wanting more exposure.
  • You can also allow certain number of images/videos free and charge for images/videos posted above that limit.
  • Bulk advertising packages like "List 10 auctions for $100" to attract bulk users.
  • More paid options like featured, bold & highlighted auctions etc.
  • Additional revenue by showing ads using Ad Manage contained in the script.
  • Since it is a Search Engine Optimization script, it generates a lot of free traffic. This traffic can be used to promote your products for bonus revenue.
  • You can also charge listing extension charges if it suits your business model.

Some REALLY SMART uses of the online auction software:

  • Launch full-blown auction portal and realize full earning potential of the script.
  • Run a free auction portal... get more visitors & clients to your web site. And in the process earn by putting ads (like google ads) on your website.
  • Many of our clients use this auction software as advertising platform for their products / portals. Or they auction their surplus stuff thru it.
  • Being a search engine optimized script, it can be used for creating Search Engine Friendly content. This increases worth of your web site for search engines.
  • Attract and retain visitors by providing QUALITY content and great offers. It helps enhance user experience.

Detailed Feature list of our online auction software

Online auction software (Front End & Member Features)

  • Admin configured color schemes & icons
  • Unlimited color schemes & icon sets
  • Many built-in color schemes
  • Enable specific countries / regions
  • Bad word filter
  • Front end Language translatable
  • Social Book-marking
  • RSS Feeds
  • Run as Global or local auction platform
  • Create niche auction site
  • Multilevel unlimited categories
  • Convenient category browsing
  • Quick Keyword Search
  • Zip code based distance search
  • Advanced search
  • Video auctions gallery on home page
  • Premium member stores
  • Spam protection thru captcha
  • MD5 Encryption of ALL passwords
  • Signup email verification system
  • My Store page for all members
  • Forgot password system
  • Internal message box
  • Contact list, Block list etc.
  • Set meta tags, URL etc for ads
  • WYSIWYG editor for posting auction description
  • BUY NOW feature (thru paypal)
  • Image gallery with every auction
  • Video gallery with every auction
  • Youtube video integration
  • Google Maps integration
  • Dynamic image thumbnailing for fast loading
  • My Favorites section
  • Automatic email alerts
  • My account system
  • Convenient transaction history
  • Multiple payment options
  • Paypal,
  • 2checkout, E-gold
  • Full real time stats
  • Built-in ad manager
  • Support for banner/text ads
  • Google ads / affiliate ads

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Features:

  • Amazing search engine visibility of all auction detail pages and auction category pages.
  • URL rewriting (using apache mod_rewrite module) for all the auction listing detail pages.
  • URL rewriting of all category pages in a hierarchical manner for best search engine friendliness.
  • Separate TITLE & META TAGS (keywords, description etc) for each listing and category.

Online auction software (Admin Panel Features)

  • Convenient category management
  • Create, Edit, Remove categories
  • Define your own custom category structure
  • SEO enabled categories (with unique meta data)
  • Categories can run unlimited level deep
  • Checks against accidental deletion
  • Category specific fields
  • Shift listing between categories (in one go)
  • Real time stats
  • Activity stats
  • Configurable parameters
  • Set site colors and icons
  • Set results shown per page (front end)
  • Set many other parameters (check online demo)
  • Restrict size of uploaded images
  • Enable/disable email verification
  • Switch URL rewriting mode
  • Set member approval (auto/admin approved)
  • Set listing approval (auto/admin approved)
  • Manage SEO parameters
  • Set SEO URLs (categories/listings)
  • Set listing layouts ( for search results page)
  • Upload your website logo
  • Dynamic image thumbnailing
  • Thumbnailing helps faster loading
  • Watermarking of uploaded images
  • Set website time zone
  • Set Google Map parameters
  • Manage youtube videos & images
  • Define website policies
  • Configure outgoing email contents
  • Billing account setting
  • Enable different payment gateways
  • Offer signup bonus to members
  • Set various fees
  • Posting fee
  • Featured / Front featured listing fees
  • Bold /highlighted listing fees
  • Video gallery featured listing fees
  • Category specific fees
  • Set free and paid image uploading options
  • Listing management system
  • Keyword / Listing status based search
  • Approve/disapprove listings
  • Edit or delete auctions
  • Great clean-up routines
  • Remove unused photos automatically
  • Remove unused icons etc.
  • Remove old listings
  • Find users by name/keyword or id
  • Mark premium stores
  • Edit user profile data
  • Suspend or delete members
  • Manage financial transactions
  • Credit or debit member accounts
  • Check visitor messages
  • Banner & text ad publishing
  • Unlimited ad slots & ads
  • Adsense ad support

Just : $99


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