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PHP Photo Gallery Script

PHP Photo Gallery

PHP Photo Gallery Script is a Simple, Elegant and Power packed solution to launch your Search engine Optimized (SEO) Image Gallery Site. It is an amazing tool for running your image gallery site. Key benefit of this software is that its very easy to install and operate. Get your site up and live in minutes with this photo gallery script.

NOTE: PHP Photo Gallery offers you UNBELIEVABLE customizability with ability to change Colors, Fonts, Icons, Graphics of your site directly from your admin panel.

LANGUAGE TRANSLATABLE ( NEW ! ) Now this software is fully front end language customizable. It means that you can run the front end in any language like English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Hebrew, Arabic and so on. You can translate all text strings used in the front end in one language file (e.g. english.php). Then all strings used in the front end will come in your native language. You can also change Character Encodings (default utf-8), Text Directions (ltr or rtl), PHP Locale settings etc in the language file.The data that comes from MySQL database comes in the language in which it is entered. So, just use your native language in MySQL db and translate the language file. This way you can run the script in your native language.

PHP Photo Gallery Script is just perfect to launch your own top quality Image Gallery Site. It has an amazing feature set which is very hard to find. Few of its top features are as follows:

  • It is very easy to setup and maintain
  • Well organized presentation in hierarchical manner
  • Multilevel categorization enhances convenient browsing
  • SINGLE CLICK access to all categories and subcategories
  • SEO optimized to provide you better visibility in search engines (using separate meta tags for each image and category)
  • Great ability to have separate title, description, keywords etc. for each image & category
  • URL rewriting (using apache mod_rewrite module) for all the images and category pages for great SEO friendliness
  • Keyword based search for images
  • Support for UNLIMITED Color Schemes and Icon Sets . You can make any color scheme or icon set active at any time from the admin panel. there are some predefined color schemes as well. You can define new ones as well as per your taste.
  • ENCRYPTED PASSWORD for admin area for higher security
  • Power Packed admin area with many options
  • Many parameters are highly configurable through admin panel
  • Rating system for images
  • Great potential to hook visitors to the site
  • Option for visitors to Suggest Images
  • Support for CAPTCHA IMAGE VERIFICATION on Suggest image form for reducing SPAM POSTING.
  • And lot more...You can see Full feature list here.

    And all this packed into one script for a cost of
    JUST : $35

Key Applications of the PHP Photo Gallery:

  • Run dedicated portal
  • Add a images section to your existing site
  • Run as free service to drive more traffic for your site
  • Use it as advertising platform for other products / other sites
  • Use it for displaying your works/images
  • Use it as personal site
  • Online platform for enthusiasts to share images
  • It acts as great tool for search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Tool to hook visitors to your site, by providing more and more content
  • Enhance experience of your visitors
  • Make your website more user friendly

Super Galllery Script - With design and image selling capabilities

Key Earning opportunities in the PHP Photo Gallery (SEO):

  • Display your works / Photographs etc and earn thru it
  • Publish ads on your site. e.g. Google adwords
  • Use it as a SEO & traffic generation tool and use this traffic to earn more



Just : $35



PHP Photo Gallery : Front End Features:

  • It is very easy to setup and maintain our gallery script
  • SINGLE CLICK access to all categories & sub-categories
  • Hierarchical organization and presentation of images
  • Very convenient browsing
  • Great search engine visibility
  • Keyword based search
  • Gallery script search feature to search images by filename, title or keywords
  • Sort images by rating or by latest posted images
  • View images posted in recent times, like, today, this week, last 30 days etc
  • Support for UNLIMITED Color Schemes and Icon Sets .
  • Includes a few built in color schemes
  • You can create your own color schemes as well
  • Make any color scheme active at front end
  • It also contains Rating system for images
  • Suggest Images option for visitors
  • Automatic thumbnail generation for quick browsing and smaller download times
  • CAPTCHA IMAGE VERIFICATION on Suggest image form
  • It helps reduce spam posting

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Features of gallery script:

  • Super search engine visibility of image display pages and category pages
  • URL rewriting (using apache mod_rewrite module) for all the image display pages along with separate meta tags
  • URL rewriting of all image details pages in a multi level hierarchical manner achieves great search engine friendliness
  • SEO optimized to provide you better visibility in search engines (using separate meta tags for each image and category)
  • Separate TITLE, meta description and meta keywords etc. for each image and category

Site Admin Area Features:

  • Password protected admin area
  • Encrypted admin area password for higher security
  • Password is encrypted using MD5 one way encryption
  • Category Management Console.
  • Create new categories, along with SEO URL text, meta keywords, description, Title etc.
  • Create UNLIMITED level of sub categories along with separate SEO URL text, META keywords, META description, <TITLE> etc.
  • Edit existing categories
  • Checks to avoid accidental deletion of NON EMPTY categories
  • Remove categories
  • Shift Photos from one Category to another in single go.
  • GET CODE to copy into the .htaccess file for URL rewriting
  • Manage color schemes directly from php script admin panel
  • Create / Edit / Delete UNLIMITED color schemes
  • It includes some predefined color schemes also
  • Fully customizable icon sets
  • Create / Edit / Remove UNLIMITED icon sets
  • Highly configurable site parameters.
  • Configure all outgoing emails
  • Extensive usage stats (E.g. active images, hidden images, recent images etc)
  • Recent stats for images
  • Set site display parameters
  • Switch automatic thumbnail generation ON/OFF
  • Restrict maximum allowed image size for suggested images (e.g. 60000 Bytes)
  • Enable / disable watermarking of uploaded images
  • Set thumbnail width
  • Regenerate all thumbnails
  • Categories management console
  • Our php script supports multi level categories
  • Add / edit / remove categories
  • Shift Photos from one category to another
  • Highly configurable site parameters.
  • Highly configurable layout parameters
  • Full control over site color scheme (directly from admin panel)
  • Create / Edit / Save MULTIPLE color schemes
  • Fully customizable graphic elements (directly from admin panel)
  • Create / Edit / Save unlimited icon sets
  • Php photo gallery also has useful Clean Up routines
  • Remove all unused images from server
  • Remove all unused icons from server
  • Image Management Console
  • View all images
  • View images suggested by users of gallery script
  • Add/ Edit / Remove images
  • Admin can also Hide / Un hide images
  • Configure Header / Footer (front end) of php photo gallery script


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