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  6. 100% Open Source & extendible solution
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Build Articles Website

Build Articles Website

Build Articles Website with our readymade articles website building service. We will setup your articles website within 24 hours. Check full online demo of the articles website to see its AWESOME LOOKS and POWERFUL FEATURES.

Building your articles website with our readymade articles website means that you get a fully ready-to-go articles website. We will set it up on your web hosting server. You just need to have a domain name and web hosting. We also provide web hosting service, if you need it.

We build articles website for you using powerful Wordpress platform. This means that you have the power of 50,000+ ABSOLUTELY FREE PLUGINS at your disposal. Readymade Articles Website comes with powerful WP admin panel. Our solution is fully Open Source. You can taylor it as you may like. We also provide full support for your website. It is a Great Win-Win Situation for your website.

Features of your articles website include.... post articles (including user submitted articles), search articles, browse by category, rating system, favorite/loved articles, Author profiles, social sharing of articles, printer friendly version, save articles as PDF file, related articles, Polls system, Automatic SiteMap generation, Full SEO (with URL rewriting), Customizable Meta info (e.g. Title tag) , Search engine preview, Readability & SEO analysis of articles and thousands of more features.

Professional looks

Professional looks with home page gallery. Customizable homepage with multiple widgets. Articles are arranged in multilevel categories for easy viewing.

Article functions

Your visitors can submit articles or comment on existing articles. They can also rate / share / bookmark / Print articles or save articles as PDF.

High End SEO features

Articles website has full SEO with search engine friendly pages, keyword rich URLs & Title / meta description templating. Automatic SiteMap generation, search engine preview, readability analysis, suggested improvements and more.

Mobiles & desktops

Responsive design works great with mobiles, tablets and desktops. Powerful mobile page designer with mobile preview for creating perfect responsive websites.

User Interaction

Article website users can create their author profiles with cover photo. Author boxes with articles. Users can participate in polls. You can use this for marketing and better understanding of your reader's mindset.

Discussion board

Users can comment on articles. You can enable/disable comments feature. Comments can be set to be auto approved or approved by admin.

Full control

You as webmasters have control over the website content. You can approve/disapprove articles & comments submitted by users. You can auto disapprove comments with links.

Security Checks & filters

Articles website comes with security checks and filters build into it. E.g. rating system only allows a visitor to rate once. System blocks multiple submissions of the same article and so on.

Feature list:

  1. Awesome looking website
  2. Fully Search engine optimized
  3. Beautiful home page
  4. Readymade Articles Website
  5. Installed with in 24 hour of getting access
  6. Build articles website with free support
  7. We are always available for further customization
  8. Post articles
  9. Save articles as drafts
  10. Attach categories and tags with articles
  11. Multilevel Categories
  12. Category browsing and search features
  13. Random article feature
  14. Edit articles
  15. User submitted Articles
  16. Rate Articles
  17. 5-star rating System
  18. Checks against multiple ratings by one person
  19. Bookmark articles
  20. Printer friendly version
  21. Save as PDF
  22. Related articles features
  23. Social Sharing of Articles
  24. Discuss Articles
  25. Reply to other user's comments
  26. Register as author
  27. Login and forgot password functions
  28. Upload author picture and cover background
  29. Author info box below articles
  30. Check My articles
  31. Check bookmarked Articles
  32. Polling System
  33. Activate multiple polls at a time
  34. Users can participate in polls
  35. User's can view other user's responses
  36. Keyword rich article URLs
  37. Configurable multiple URL format choices
  38. Customizable title tag content templates
  39. Search engine preview
  40. Readability score
  41. SEO advise
  42. Responsive design
  43. Works on PCs, Mobiles and Tablets
  44. Inbuilt page designer
  45. Mobile preview of pages
  46. This makes it a smart way to build articles website
  47. Edit outgoing emails
  48. Full control over website content
  49. Security features
  50. Uses powerful Wordpress platform
  51. Power of 50,000+ free plugins
  52. Powerful WP admin panel
  53. Fully Open Source
  54. Big community of developers
  55. Build articles website TOADAY!
  56. And many more...

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