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Softbiz Affiliate Program

Introduction to our affiliate program

Our affiliate program is very simple.

1. First of all, we pay you $10 bonus for signing up. So, you start earning the minute you signup.

2. Then we pay you 35% on every sale you generate.

How is this program unique?

We donot leave you on your own to make sales. Our support team stands by you. If you are a new comer, we teach you how to increase your sales. We guide you regarding hundreds of places where you can advertise our scripts free of cost. So, you start earning without any investment. We also advise you regarding many smart paid advertising options to push your sales beyond limits. Our support team stands by you and helps you make more and more sales!


How you help in converting my leads convert into sales?

Yes, we know it is very important. Following ensure that maximum leads are converted:

We offer great quality products

Our scripts have great earning potential for the potential buyers

Our scripts offer Incredible ROI (Return on Investment)

We offer 100% free technical support

We price our products at irresistible prices (far below our competitors)