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Create URL Slug from text string [PHP]

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PHP Script to create URL from string. It retails only URL Safe characters in the strings. So, now easily create URL Slug from text string for your Search engine optimization needs.


Name : PHP function to Create URL Slug from a text string

It is great tool for generating SEO URLs.

function createUrlSlugFromString($string){
	// Remove spaces from front and end of the string
	$string = strtolower(trim($string));
	// Change all non-alphanumeric character sequences to -
	$string = preg_replace('/[^a-z0-9-]/', '-', $string);
	// Change multiple hyphens to single hyphens
	$urlSlug = preg_replace('/-+/', "-", $string);
	// Remove trailing - from the slug
	// We are done! Now return the sluf back.
	return $urlSlug;
} // End of Create URL Slug from a text string function

// Calling the URL Slug creation function
echo createUrlSlugFromString ( " This is some text with     multiple spaces and punctionations (,.?)");


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