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Softbiz Reviews - What our clients Say?

Client Reviews
The best out there

I looked all over the internet for a Job Board script that supported VIDEO and found that the Soft Biz script was the best out there and was the best as far as price went as well. Their customer support was awesome and they went above what they had to do make sure I was happy. You have nothing to worry about when you purchase from them.

-Frank Lucero,,
Specific Jobs

Great Customer Service!

I purchased the classified software and I am just in the process of setting up my site. I have had several questions while getting used to the product and every time I submit a question, I receive a VERY quick, detailed yet easy to understand answer. Thanks so much for making the set up easier! Can't wait to start marketing the site!

-Gina Ludwig,,
Last Minute Wedding Deals

High performing websiite!

Thanks to this savvy team, we were able to completely transform an orginal script into a high performing one, for twice cheaper than what we could have found on the market. Support was here and my criticism were always taken into account.

-Fabien Belleinguer,,

Excellent script and service!!

We have hired Softbiz Scripts as our primary software programming provider and what a great choice that has turned out to be. Softbiz has done an outstanding job. Their scripts are very well designed. The support given by their programmers is superb. We would highly recommend Softbiz to any business with programming needs.

-Peter Wardley,,
Lancashire,United Kingdom

Fantastic Service! Best Software Deal on the Internet!

We have hired Softbiz Scripts as our primary software programming provider and what a great choice that has turned out to be. Softbiz has done an outstanding job. Their scripts are very well designed. The support given by their programmers is superb. We would highly recommend Softbiz to any business with programming needs.

-Bob Diersing,,
Ohio, United States

Great support at Softbiz!

I purchased a classified script from Softbiz over a year ago. I have been completely satisfied ever since! The script was very easy to use and had a lot of unique features that helped my site stand out form the sea of other classified sites. The support I got from Softbiz has been unbelievable! I heard of other people buying a script then being left all on their own to build the site. Not the case at all with Softbiz. Anything I ask for help with is handled and resolved very quickly and with little effort on my part! I can't say enough good things about this company, without sounding staged, lol. Seriously I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a script. With great products and amazing support, Softbiz is definitely one of the best at what they do!

Ontario, Canada

Script fits the website perfectly!

The T360 Travel Classified site is doing well. The script fits the needs of the site perfectly, from SEO capabilities to video, the up and coming thing for high end classified web sites. Thank you.

-S. Ingram,
Travel360 TravelClassifieds,
California, United States

Softbiz did everything very fast

We had a lot of requests regarding web hosting directory script and they have did all of them very fast. A really good support there.

-Dimitar Kolev,
Satisfied Client,
Georgia, United States

Got Four Scripts from Softbiz !!

I figured since I bought 4 scripts from Softbiz that I should give them a testimonial to put on their website. I buy a lot of scripts on the internet and I often have to uninstall and discard some because they are simply bad scripts. I am talking about scripts that cost up to $200 and $300. The files are usually encrypted so I can’t work on them to fix problems. If they are not encrypted I can spend months to get them to work right. It’s not worth paying for the amount bandwidth it takes to run a bad script with a lot of unnecessary junk running in the background. It’s important to me that scripts I have on my server run at top speed and have strong SEO capabilities. Otherwise, my users are wasting their time. Softbiz scripts are code quality. they run smooth and their SEO scripts give my Ad posters good listings quick. Softbiz prices are a lot less than other prices I have seen for similar products. I keep going back to buy more Softbiz products because I know the script will work like the demo after I buy because the last 4 that I bought did!

United States

Amazing customer service experience!

I just want to thank you for my recent customer service experience. After I purchased your classified software and got it up and running I got busy with some other projects and before you knew it almost a year had past! I had lost all my pass words and user information. I was pleasantly surprised at the time your team took to help my project up and running. That type of service is rare these days. After I get my web site finished I will be back for the Auction software! It's nice to know that your company stands behind its clients after the sale. In may case long after the sale.

-Greg Cochran,
United States

Worth more than $999

I was looking for just a classifieds program and found this Auctions PLUS Script from This program combines both the auction and classifieds together! Another surprise was that it also has a built in feature where your users can create their own store. Very very affordable. I have found others that did the same thing but at a cost of $999 or more!!! Easy installation and support is great. They are fast and responsive. I can not say enough good things about this program.

-Faheem Eric Pedron,
United States

Many customer friendly features!

Thought we would let you know about the positive comments we have received regarding our site Employers and job seekers are impressed with the look of the site, the ease of use and the many customer friendly features . Thanks also for your help (on a holiday weekend) in the implementation of an additional feature to the site. We are extra-ordinarily happy with the results.

Indianapolis, USA

Great professionalism and willingness !

I have recently purchased this script but did not realize that is was written for USA Customers, with USA States and other parochial information. I contacted Softbiz scripts and they edited the software to suit the Australian Market. I was impressed with their professionalism and willingness to meet our needs at no additional cost. I have no hesitation in recommending

-Brent Butcher,

Great value for money !

Excellent value for money. Good interface while not being overcomplicated. Setup was painless and straightforward and should be to anyone with even a basic knowledge of HTML. Support was exceptional and second to none and that is why I have taken time to write a review. Highly recommended!!

Bath, United Kingdom

Highly recommended company...

Softbiz auctions script it the best investment I have made in site software. I had a little trouble setting the auction script and sent an email to the support and with in minutes I had a reply. I would highly recommend this company to everyone.

MCC Sales,
United States

Thank you Softbiz :-)

I just purchased their classified script. I had a little trouble figuring out how to make it work. I sent an e-mail to support and within a few hours they had it working perfectly. Thank you!!!

-RIchard Oakley,,
N. Dakota, United States

The most stable scripts!

To Whom It May Concern, I have purchased Link Directory after trying several others. I have concluded that SoftBizScripts are THE MOST STABLE I have ever used. Tech support is responsive and always pleasant to deal with. I highly recommend these scripts to anyone who is tired of 'version updates' to correct 'bugs' which other scripts always have. I have yet to encounter any errors with these scripts.

-Jack Wylie,
United States

Definitely recommended !!

The best recipe solution available. I search several recipe solutions and this one offered by far the most flexibility and style. Also what made me purchase it was the really great and quick support they offer. I would definitely recommended without second thoughts

-Catherine Mckee,
United States

Tech support as always, very responsive

I have tried several other scripts and could not find one that had the features I wanted at a reasonable price ... until I found SoftBizScripts. The scripts are professionally written and tech support is always very responsive. I needed some code modifications for my particular needs and received them fast and at VERY reasonable pricing. In my opinion, there are no better scripts than those offered by SoftBizScripts. Period!

United States

Softbiz truly wants 110% customer satisfaction

Ultimate Banner script. Love it!! This script is everything I looked for in a banner exchange. Very easy to set up, fast delivery, great features, inexpensive and support far better than scripts 5 more expensive. It has been a great pleasure working this team and I feel that they truly want 110% customer satisfaction. Buy it's a great value only $45.00 and a much better script than others are charging for $200.0

United States

Service is exceptionally quick and very helpful :-)

Excellent script. I had some problem to do the setup but the service is exceptional, quick answer and very helpful....100% satisfied.This is the place to buy a script. Thanks

-Stephane Metayer,
Script Buyer,
United States

Web site up in minutes!

Hi, i just thought i would express my opinion i have been using the script for a while not and it seems fantastic, aint found any bugs, and does everything you need. The admin section has so much options to modify the site to your needs, Savvy who runs the scripts is very helpful and got the website script setup in minutes, i advise anyone else looking for a links website script to definitely try this well worth the money :-)

Script buyer,

Excellent Script!!

I purchased this script and within half an hour it was fully up and running! I was amazed to see how many features it has for a low priced script and it looks really professional, you can even change the color scheme to suit your needs. The support team are very friendly and quick to respond in case you do need help but the instructions supplied are simple and easy to follow. I would recommend this script to anyone that wants to start their own advertising site.

Script buyer,
Unites States

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